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Meet milisa

Milisa Valliere has a gift called synesthesia. This is a neurological condition that allows her to visualize music and songs as color. She can paint without music; as a matter of fact, Milisa has taught plein air painting style in Monet’s garden, and she currently has workshops in her home studio on Cape Cod. However, the majority of her collection was created while listening to a variety of music. “What kind of music?” one might ask. All kinds. Milisa considers herself genre-agnostic. Married to a musician and a symphony executive who picks her subject music, Milisa loves to blast music and simply create.

Currently, Milisa paints commission pieces, offers workshops and studio tours, and sells her art in local establishments on Cape Cod and beyond. Milisa says her ultimate goal is to create art that celebrates the fullness of life and all of its contrasts.


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