About Milisa

Milisa Valliere is the artist behind the multimedia exhibition Inspired By Music. Her work is unique because her paintings are influenced by music. She paints fast to a variety of music genres, including rock, classical, world, blues and jazz. The music fuels her work and frees her mind to create without judgment.

Valliere was raised by artist parents and traveled around the world to places where they wanted to paint. For the most part, she is self-taught, having developed her craft from a very early age. She says she used to paint to think how she felt about something. Now she interprets the emotion of music with color. Her pieces are lyrical abstracts that are emotionally charged and involve the spontaneous combination of vivid texture and color.

Valliere has had recent solo and group exhibits in Cape Cod (MA), Memphis (TN), Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kansas City (MO) and is represented by Hammond Harkins Galleries in Columbus, Ohio. Previously, she was a Gallery owner in Kansas City, taught plein air painting in Monet’s Garden and exhibited widely in galleries throughout the Midwest. Valliere’s work is in many prominent collections.

She is married to Roland Valliere, symphony orchestra CEO and music entrepreneur, who chooses the music to which she paints. They enjoy giving talks and sharing Inspired By Music with others.

Milisa says her ultimate goal is to create art that celebrates the richness and contrast of life.